The Show is the brainchild of Just Live Music Group (JLM) and has been put together to promote more than just a concert. The success of the unforgettable, sold-out 90’s R&B Bands edition at London’s iconic Wembley Arena in March 2013, was testament to just that.

Established in 2010, JLM consists of a close knit and passionate team with over 30 years experience in the concert and promotions industry. We represent exactly our namesake, the live music scene. Specialists in the promoting and marketing of so called ‘unsung’ musical artists who have fallen just outside the mainstream eye, and those established/legendary performers who need to be remembered for their contribution to music. We provide these artists with a platform to showcase their material at the highest level and to do so in an arena or venue best suited for them.

Historically, if you were a fan of a specialist artist or band, you would have to wait at least a year or until a new album was released in order to see them perform. In most cases you would miss the event completely as they were normally played on one off dates which were not heavily promoted. Not only has The Show changed this philosophy by bringing the artists people truly want to see, but we have done so in a unique way, providing audiences with non-stop entertainment and keeping the primary focus on the music itself.

Our primary goal is for the audience to go away feeling as if they have been to the best show ever. Consequently, the artist line ups are plentiful and carefully selected, whilst all the time consistently ensuring the consumer value for money. We put together shows that WE would pay good money to go and see, and this is one of the important values that differentiate us from all the others. If you are coming to a JLM event you know you will be in for a good time.